The tenures of managers in most organizations are

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Unformatted text preview: est in intangibles owing to an inherent disregard of their value. The tenures of managers in most organizations are getting shorter 5 , leading to adoption of a short-term maximization approach in terms of the projects and ideas that they undertake. Breakthrough innovation however needs a long term orientation, since the need for the idea is not perceived by the market and the consumers yet. Risk-averse behaviour is exhibited in organizations through over-reliance on marketing data and customer feedback to be sure to remove any scope of uncertainty. Ideas for breakthrough innovation are however not sourced from consumer insights, rather they are envisioned by seeing what others can't see, and using that vision to build what others have never built 6 . Monopsony in organizations In most organizations, all ideas for innovation must pass through a single gatekeeper (usually someone higher up in the organizational hierarchy) i.e. there is essentially one buyer for any innovation idea. Moreover, these gatekeepers often e...
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