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There is a lack of focus on research in universities

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Unformatted text preview: iving force behind innovation. There is a lack of focus on research in Universities, which results in poor quality PhDs being churned out. Figure 2: Low Contribution of Universities to India's Patent Output These PhDs find it difficult to get absorbed into the industry and resort to teaching, which without consulting is a low paying activity leading to low motivation levels to undertake further research or mentoring. There is a distinct lack of industry-academia interaction, which is crucial in terms of industry sponsorship for blue skies research where the outcome is not very clear. It is these blue skies projects that most often lead to breakthrough innovations. The educational system also is very rigid with regards to the diversity of subjects that students can opt for, leading to the development of “silos thinkers”. This is particularly 3 Ranked 11th in the World in Resident Patent Applications, World Bank Database 7 | P a g e detrimental for breakthrough innovation, which is often championed by the boundary spanners who have been expo...
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