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This can be done through expanding technology parks

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Unformatted text preview: o incentivise increased collaboration among R&D institutes, universities and private firms in order to strengthen the commercialization of knowledge. This can be done through expanding technology parks and incubators. Academia and research institutes, along with better access to funds for post-graduate and doctoral research, also gain financially from collaborative IP creation. Moreover, the scope of SPREAD (first formal program to encourage collaboration between Indian technology institutes and firms) should be broadened with a greater focus on SMEs. Financing Innovation Appropriate dosage of financing in the early stages of an innovation, where the banks and other financial intermediaries are reluctant to invest, greatly increases its chances of crossing the “Valley of Death” and becoming a success. 9 SEBI report on Venture Capital in India 12 | P a g e Figure 5: Financing Needs over Life Cycle of Breakthrough Innovation Regulations are needed that make it more attractive for wealthy individ...
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