This can be done through tax incentives like allowing

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Unformatted text preview: uals to invest in VC funds and also to facilitate the setting up of micro-finance institutions to cater to the capital needs of innovative but cash-crunched ventures. This can be done through tax incentives like allowing tax benefits for accredited angel investors. A Fund-of-Funds can be created, where-in the government provides levered returns to the investors by reducing risk or increasing the returns; to help in channelling financial resources towards the nurturing of innovative ideas especially in sectors that are otherwise overlooked by the market and see no participation by private funders. Universities: Education Initiatives The most prominent barrier to innovation as perceived by firms is skill shortage, which arises due to a lack of emphasis on problem-solving, creativity, design and experimentation in the educational curricula 10 . Improve vocational training and strengthen basic skills of informal sector Vocational Education and Training needs to undergo a reform, with the primary focus...
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