When in place they prevent the proverbial re

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Unformatted text preview: that are in place are seen as a major hurdle to building on the intellectual property of organizations 8 . When in place, they prevent the proverbial re-invention of the wheel. 7 Michel Syrett & Jean Lammiman (2002), Successful Innovation – How to Encourage and shape profitable ideas 8 Figure 3 in Appendix, National Knowledge Commission Report (2007), Innovation in India 9 | P a g e THE NETWORK OF INNOVATION The barriers to innovation that we have looked at above can be overcome by the synergetic use of cumulative energies of all the stakeholders in the innovation ecosystem. Figure 3: The Network of Innovation 10 | P a g e Government – The Enabler Improving support infrastructure for IPR Protection Though India’s legal framework for IPR has been modernized and is now in full compliance with the WTO Agreement on the TRIPS, there still exist outstanding IPR implementation issues that need to be addressed. A PPP can be setup in order to manage patent portfolios as well as to facilitate their commercial exploitation, particularly providing strategic guidance to SMEs in this regard. Upgrading the ICT Infrastructure This entails making ICT more accessible to both ru...
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