October 22 - The Pentakontaetia(479-431 The Delian League o...

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October 22, 2007 The Pentakontaetia (479-431) The Delian League o 1 st meeting of the Delian League (477) Transformation of Hellenic League into permanent alliance Administration of oaths to unite against Persians Treasury at Delos (Panhellenic shrine of Apollo) Aristeides of Athens assesses contributions Repercussions of Pausanias’ behavior Approximately 150 poleis enroll voluntary o Concerns about Athens Re-fortification opposed by Sparta (pretext) One polis / one vote provision of Delian League From Delian League to Athenian Empire o Main general of the early League: Kimon of Athens (Miltiades’ son) 476: naval campaign in Aegean, taking successively Eion: Persian fort in north Skyros: Aegean island inhabited by non-Greeks Karystos: punishment of Medizing Greeks in Euboia Naxos: Aegean island forced back into League o Precedent for action against loyal Greeks 467: major Persian defeat at Battle of Eurymedon in Asia Minor Leads to palace coup in Persia (Xerxes out) Demonstrates weakness of Persian fleets in Aegean Undermines reason for League 465: Thasos forced back into League after long siege Dispute with Athens over mining interests Establishment of “cleruchy” (Athenian garrison/colony) Athens’ long-term goal of securing north Aegean trade routes
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October 22 - The Pentakontaetia(479-431 The Delian League o...

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