why is the sky blue blue light is making it to your

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Unformatted text preview: with a fixed amount of energy (no mass!) why is the sky blue? blue light is making it to your eyes white >>> everything is reflected black >>> nothing is reflected Why is the sky blue? Why does something appear white? Black? Pigment • ________ = substance that absorbs visible light – Different pigments absorb different wavelengths of light – Chlorophyll a & b appear green because they do not absorb wavelengths in that part of the spectrum – Why do leaves change colors? chlorophyll masks colors and when chlorophyll stops being produced for winter, the colorful pigments can be seen 4 1/3/2013 Overview of Photosynthesis • Light Reactions light – Convert _____ energy into chemical energy _________ • • • • H2O is split to provide e- and H+ NADP+ reduced to NADPH ATP is produced O2 is given off • Calvin Cycle (Light Independent/Dark Reactions) carbon – Fixes ______ from CO2 into organic molecules – Reduces fixed carbon into ATP sugar using the NADPHand ___ _____ from light reactions Light Reactions Light + H2O NADPH + ATP + O2 • Photosystems which capture light are located in the thylakoid membrane Light-harvesting complexes – ___________________: contain pigment molecules which absorb light and transfer the energy to reaction-center complex (i.e. antenna) Reaction-center complex – ___________________: contains a special pair of chlorophyll a molecules which can reduce the primary electron acceptor 5 1/3/2013 Harvest Light (energy) comes first even though its "II" H+ ^^^ water gets split H+ H+ H+ photophosphorylation ___________________ 6 1/3/2013 Calvin Cycle • Uses the chemical energy stored in ATP and NADPH to reduce CO2 to sugar (G3P) • Broken down into 3 phases: Carbon fixation – ___________ • Rubisco (RuBP carboxylase) attaches CO2 molecule to ribulose bisphosphate (RuBP) Reduction – ___________ • Carbon intermediate received phosphate group from ATP • Reduced by NADPH and loses the phosphate = G3P – Regeneration of CO2 acceptor __________________...
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