Why both minimize photorespiration but expend more

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Unformatted text preview: can be added to the Calvin rubisco Cycle by _______ PEP carboxylase The alternative pathways of photosynthesis using the C4 or CAM systems are said to be compromises. Why? Both minimize photorespiration but expend more ATP during carbon fixation 9 1/3/2013 CAM Plants • Carbon fixation is separated from the Calvin Cycle TEMPORALLY (in time) ______________ – Plants close their stomata during the day to conserve H2O – Open at night…Plants take in CO2 and fix it in organic acids which are stored in vacuoles – During the day, when light can supply ATP and NADPH for Calvin Cycle, CO2 is released from the organic acids and enters the cycle Which process is most directly driven by light energy? Removal of electrons from chlorophyll molecules What Happens to the Sugar Produced? • ~50% is used as fuel for cellular respiration – Transported throughout the plant (only green parts of photosynthetic) cellulose • Linked together to form _______ starch • Excess stored as ______ • Makes ~160 BILLION metric tons of carbohydrate per year – Equal to about 60 trillion copies of your textbook • 17 stacks from here to the sun 10...
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