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Majority of cells in the human body are here some

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Unformatted text preview: d Gap2 (G2) • __________: growth, synthesis of microtubules, cell cycle checkpoints • G0: Quiescent or “resting” state, cells not dividing but are metabolically active. – Majority of cells in the human body are here – Some cells can be called back (i.e. liver cells) 90% Cells spend ___ of their time in interphase - during interphase, a cell is metabolically active Mitosis Nuclear division • _____________ • Followed by cytokinesis (division of organelles and cytoplasm) identical • Produces 2 _______ daughter cells Typically divided into 5 phases… 9 1/3/2013 Prophase • Chromosomes begin to _condense ________ • Mitotic spindle begins to form – “machine” responsible for pulling apart the chromatids – Composed of microtubules and other proteins Prometaphase Nuclear envelope • ___________ disassembles • Spindle fibers attach to kinetochores (prometaphase) 10 1/3/2013 Metaphase • Chromosomes align along the metaphase plate _________ – Occurs because of tug-of-war between the two poles Anaphase Sister chromatids • _____________ are cut apart Cohesion – _______ that holds them together cleaved by enzymes • Sister chromo...
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