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The parents each had a diff of chromosomes so the

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Unformatted text preview: Animals/Plants Reproduce? • It is possible for 2 different species to mate and produce offspring but… The offspring are almost always infertile…Why? • The parents each had a diff. # of chromosomes so the offspring has an uneven number – i.e. Horse (64) x Donkey (62)=Mule (63) • Plants are often able to reproduce Polyploidy in Plants • Very common in plants (30-80%) • Common mechanism of rapid speciation especially in angiosperms Triploid Tetraploid Octaploid SEEDLESS b/c they are sterile! 7 1/3/2013 Bacterial Binary Fission asexual • Form of ________ reproduction Eukaryotic Cell Cycle 8 1/3/2013 Interphase Gap 1 (G1) • __________: growth, protein synthesis, organelle synthesis Synthesis (S) • __________: DNA is duplicate...
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