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Cells age because you begin to lose parts of coding

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Unformatted text preview: tually codes Kinetochore – __________: disc-shaped protein that spindle fibers attach to Why does the human body age? cells age because you begin to lose parts of coding DNA • Chromosomes are duplicated before division – Creates sister chromatids ____________ – Held together at centromere • During mitosis the sister chromatids are pulled apart Chromosome Assembly Video 5 1/3/2013 • Normal human 46 chromosome count = __ Karyotype – 44 autosomes – 2 sex chromosomes (X & Y) Diploid • _______-2 sets of chromosomes Haploid • _______- 1 set of chromosomes Aneuploidy • _________ = atypical chromosome count Polyploidy • _________ = having more than two paired sets of chromosomes – i.e. triploid, tetraploid Why can this lead to problems? 6 1/3/2013 Why Can’t Hybrid...
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