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Envelope reforms around dna chromosomes unfold back

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Unformatted text preview: somes can now be pulled to opposite poles – Movement achieved through shortening of microtubules --cohesion is cleaved enzymatically at beginning of anaphase 11 1/3/2013 Telophase • Reversal of prophase events • Nuclear envelope reforms around DNA • Chromosomes unfold back into chromatin Cytokinesis cytoplasm • Division of ________ NOT • ___ a part of mitosis – Begins during telophase • Animals – Cleavage furrow pinches off _________ separated nuclei • Plants cell wall – New ________ formed – Golgi-derived vesicles bring materials 12 1/3/2013 Cell Cycle Regulation • Tight regulation is crucial for normal growth and development - Example: cancer • Controlled by a system of signaling molecules which trigger and coordinate the events of the cell cycle • Multiple checkpoints make sure the cell is ready to proceed to the next step G1 Checkp...
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