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Unformatted text preview: biology The price of anarchy The Some technical cases soluble, e.g. routing Some with linear costs, 4/3 (Roughgarden et al) with Big CS interest in combinatorial auctions Big for routing (Papadimitiou et al) for Big practical problem: spam (and Big phishing) phishing) Proposed techie solutions (e.g. puzzles) Proposed put the incentive in the wrong place put Peer-to-peer systems: clubs? Vista and Competition Vista A live EU concern – workshop on Monday IRM – Information Rights Management – IRM changes ownership of a file from the machine owner to the file creator owner Files are encrypted and associated with rights Files management information management Switching from Office to OpenOffice in 2010 Switching might involve getting permission from all your correspondents correspondents Other cases of lock-in harming innovation Vista and Competition (2) Vista How should we think of DRM? The music How industry wanted it while the computer industry hated it. This is flipping. Microsoft embraced DRM and the music industry’s now wavering DRM Varian, 2005: what happens when you connect a Varian, concentrated industry to a diffuse one? concentrated Answer, 2006 – Apple runs away with the money Answer, 2007 – Microsoft appears to be making Answer, a play to control high-definition content distribution (Gutmann) distribution Large Project Failure Large Maybe 30% of large projects fail Maybe But we build much bigger failures But nowadays than 30 years ago so… nowadays Why do more public-sector projects fail? Consider what the incentives are on Consider project managers versus ministers – and what sort of people will become successful project managers versus ministers! project The Information Society The More and more goods contain software More and more industries are starting to become More like the software industry like The good: flexibility, rapid response The bad: frustration, poor service The ugly: monopolies The world will be full of ‘things that think’ (and The that exhibit strategic behaviour) that How will society evolve to cope? More … More Economics and Security Resource Page – Economics (or www. follow link from www. WEIS – Annual Workshop on Economics WEIS and Information Security – next at CMU, June 7–8 2006 June...
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