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Unformatted text preview: Protect healthcare information at multiple levels of sensitivity • Authorize user actions based on familiar healthcare roles • End­to­end user accountability • Empower consumers to access their own medical records • Patient viewable audit trails • Automated e­mail notification of records changes • Security protection extended to user PC PCASSO users PCASSO users • 218 physicians enrolled (started January, 1999) • 53 patients enrolled as of 9/30/99 (started June, 1999) • Enrollment criteria: – – – – Age 18 or older Receive health care from UCSD One or more visits in past 6 months Primary care physician co­signs consent Differing user perceptions Differing user perceptions of multi­step login security Providers Pat ient s Very Reasonable 0 77% Reasonable 25% 16% Unreasonable 41% 0 I nt olerable 33% 0 Two-tailed P < 0.001 by Mann Whitney Patient Comments on PCASSO Patient Comments on PCASSO • “Love this program and really is super easy to use” • “I was at the lab this morning and some results are posted already…very impressed” • “Thank you for this ‘peek’ into our own medical records. So often patients seem to feel at the mercy of the HMO’s and at least this may alieviate <sic> some of that distrust.” • “As one who has always been involved in my health care decisions, I value that I have access to this information. Great system, I find it very user friendly and feel very confident that my privacy is maintained at all times…” Provider Comments on PCASSO Provider Comments on PCASSO “The Kremlin is easier to get into.” “I signed on once, and have suffered enough.” “Unfortunatel...
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