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Unformatted text preview: rotected Health Information (PHI = person identifiable) must be managed with the same attention to consent for use, access control, and documentation of actions performed as are currently applied to physical objects such as tissue. • Access to PHI is based on the general principle of “need to know” and “minimum necessary” rather than professional role HIPAA Round 2: HIPAA Round 2: the Security Rule Overview Overview • Affects HIPAA Covered Entities that maintain Protected Health Information (PHI) in electronic form • Directs CE’s to ‘develop, implement, maintain, and document’ security measures, and keep them current. Security Rule: Basic Concepts Security Rule: Basic Concepts • Scalable: burden relative to size and complexity of healthcare organization • Not linked to specific technologies, and anticipates future changes in technology • Unlike Privacy Rule, affects only electronic information • Applies security principles well established in other industries HIPAA Security Rule HIPAA Security Rule Functional areas • • Information Availability Protection against unauthorized: – Access – Alteration – Deletion – Transmission • Monitoring (audit trails) Covered entities are required to: Covered • Assess potential risks and vulnerabilities Assess • Protect against threats to information Protect security or integrity, and against unauthorized use or disclosure • Implement and maintain security Implement measures that are appropriate to their needs, capabilities and circumstances • Ensure compliance with these Ensure safeguards by all staff Security Vulnerabilities in Security Vulnerabilities in Healthcare Settings • Unintentional disclosures • Well­intentioned but inappropriate employee behavior • Disgruntled employees • Self­insured employers • ? Competitors • VIP patients • Hackers • Data mining Data mining as confidentiality threat Ethnicity Name Visit date Address Diagnosis ZIP Procedure Birth date Medication Sex Total ch...
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