How respondents described their own organizations

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Unformatted text preview: ed. • How respondents described their own organization's computer security? • Threats to Security Threats Connectivity Complexity Which of the following statements best describes your organization's computer security? your Does your organization have a data recovery plan to implement in the event of catastrophic data loss? implement In your opinion, what are the computer security issues that your organization needs to address? The Risks are Real The • • • • • • • • • Lost laptops and portable storage devices • Data/Information “left” on public computers • Data/Information intercepted in transmission • Spyware, “malware,” “keystroke logging” • Unprotected computers infected within seconds of being connected to the network • Thousands of attacks on campus networks every day Document Review Risk Identification Vulnerability Scan Requirement Study And Situation Analysis Report & Briefing Data Analysis Risk Management Flow Risk • Investigate • Analyze: Risk Identification Identify the vulnerability and • Analyze : Risk Control investigate how to control vulnerabilities • Design • Implement • Maintain Information Security Program Information Links in the Security Chain: Management, Operational, and Technical Controls Risk assessment Access control mechanisms Security planning Identification & authentication mechanisms Security policies and procedures (Biometrics, tokens, passwords) Contingency planning Audit...
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