S04 Screening & Diagnostic Tests (FILLED IN)

Demonstrate understanding of benetcost analysis as it

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Unformatted text preview: udies, and be able to conduct the analysis and interpret the results. IdenNfy, demonstrate understanding of, and discuss the potenNal effects of common biases observed in epidemiological research, including various selecNon biases, misclassificaNon and confounding. IdenNfy the criteria for establishing causality, explain how they are applied to epidemiological research, and rank common study designs by their ability to establish causality. Demonstrate understanding of benefit/cost analysis as it is used in health economics. Discuss, from an epidemiological perspecNve, the role and applicaNon of measures used in disease control. CriNcally assess and appraise peer- reviewed epidemiologic literature in terms of study design, sampling and research methods Demonstrate an understanding of the applicaNon of epidemiology to current public health issues and health research Plan of aRack! •  Friday: –  Background –  Validity & Reliability •  Gold Standard...
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