S04 Screening & Diagnostic Tests (FILLED IN)

Every diagnosis is correct and no misdiagnoses

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Unformatted text preview: Non or evaluaNon ___________________________ •  Why do we test? •  Used to classify: –  Healthy vs. Sick –  Infected vs. Not Infected –  Affected vs. Not Affected –  Mild vs. Moderate vs. Severe When do we test? •  Think about stages of disease from last class… •  Other concerns about tests? –  HOW WELL DOES THE THE TEST PERFORM! Validity & Reliability (e.g. measure of blood glucose) NOT Valid & NOT Reliable True value NOT Valid & Reliable True value Valid & NOT Reliable True value Valid & Reliable True value Validity of a test ability to dis.nguish between who has a disease and who does not DEFINITION: __________________________________________ •  Sensi.vity (Sn) –  Ability of the test to iden.fy correctly those who have the disease –  The proporNon of disease posiNve that test posiNve •  Specificity (Sp) –  Ability of the test t...
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