S04 Screening & Diagnostic Tests (FILLED IN)

Ng tests what is a test denion a crincal examinanon

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Unformatted text preview: •  Biological variaNon •  Cutpoints •  False NegaNves & False PosiNves –  SensiNvity –  Specificity •  Monday: –  Sn & Sp Examples –  MulNple Tests –  PredicNve Values: •  PosiNve & NegaNve •  RelaNonship with Disease Prevalence & Test Specificity –  Reliability: •  Types of VariaNon •  Kappa What do you think? •  •  •  •  SCREENING TEST Focused on populaNons Generally targeted to “healthy” individuals Oden looking for sub- clinical disease Concerned with early detecNon of a pathological process or impaired producNvity •  •  •  •  DIAGNOSTIC TEST Focused on individuals Generally targeted to those who are “sick” Oden looking for clinical disease Confirm, classify, treat or determine prognosis of clinical disease Evalua.ng “tests” •  What is a test? Defini.on: a criNcal examinaNon, observa...
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