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S04 Screening & Diagnostic Tests (FILLED IN)

Onships gold standard true disease status ve ve test

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Unformatted text preview: curve (green) Diseased: right curve (purple) Cutpoint: verNcal line (orange) TN: True NegaNve TP: True PosiNve FN: False NegaNve FP: False PosiNve FN TN FP TN Cutpoint False Posi.ves… False Nega.ves… Cutpoint False Posi.ves… False Nega.ves… TP TP FN FP TN TP 2x2 Table Gold Standard” (True Disease Status) Test Result +ve +ve - ve TRUE POSITIVE FALSE POSITIVE “truly sick” - ve “not truly sick” FALSE NEGATIVE TRUE NEGATIVE “not truly healthy” “truly healthy” Which is of more concern? False Nega:ves or False Posi:ves??? 1.  Depends on disease/outcome of interest 2.  Need to think about: –  –  –  –  –  –  Cost Invasiveness of treatment Ethical concerns InfecNous Prognosis Social & Cultural consideraNons (e.g. sNgma) Prevalence (2x2 table) “Gold Standard” (True Disease Status) Test Result i- CLICKERS +ve - ve What would be the equaNon for true +ve a b a+b prevalence? - ve c d c+d a)  a / n b)  a + b / n a+c b+d n c)  a + c / n d)  a + b + c / n •  True Prevalence = (a + c) / n e)  a + d / n ...
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