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Moment of inera of a uniform ring imagine the hoop is

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Unformatted text preview: Second Law for a Rota>ng Object •  The angular accelera>on is directly propor>onal to the net torque •  The angular accelera>on is inversely propor>onal to the moment of iner>a of the object More About Moment of Iner>a •  There is a major difference between moment of iner>a and mass: the moment of iner>a depends on the quan>ty of ma:er and its distribu>on in the rigid object •  The moment of iner>a also depends upon the loca>on of the axis of rota>on Moment of Iner>a of a Uniform Ring •  Imagine the hoop is divided into a number of small segments, m1 … •  These segments are equidistant from the axis Other Moments of Iner>a Example, Newton’s Second Law for Rota>on •  Find a of system in terms of m,M,g •  Find T •  Draw free body diagrams of each object •  Only the cylinder is rota>ng, so apply Στ = I α •  The bucket is falling, but not rota>ng, so apply ΣF = m a •  Remember that a = α r and solve the resul>ng equa>ons Rota>onal Kine>c Energy •  An object rota>ng about some axis with an a...
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