Nonconservave forces use conservaon of energy if there

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Unformatted text preview: ngular speed, ω, has rota>onal kine>c energy KEr = ½Iω2 •  Energy concepts can be useful for simplifying the analysis of rota>onal mo>on •  Examples in Class Conserva>on of Energy •  Conserva>on of Mechanical Energy –  Remember, this is for conserva>ve forces, no dissipa>ve forces such as fric>on can be present –  Poten>al energies of any other conserva>ve forces could be added –  Examples in Class Work- Energy in a Rota>ng System •  In the case where there are dissipa>ve forces such as fric>on, use the generalized Work- Energy Theorem instead of Conserva>on of Energy •  Wnc = ΔKEt + ΔKEr + ΔPE Problem Solving Hints for Energy Methods •  Choose two points of interest –  One where all the necessary informa>on is given –  The other where informa>on is desired •  Iden>fy the conserva>ve and nonconserva>ve...
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