Forces of fric2on when an object is in mo2on on a

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Unformatted text preview: are the forces exerted by the earth and the ground Free Body Diagram, final •  Only forces ac2ng directly on the object are included in the free body diagram –  Reac2on forces act on other objects and so are not included –  The reac2on forces do not directly influence the object’s mo2on Equilibrium •  An object either at rest or moving with a constant velocity is said to be in equilibrium •  The net force ac2ng on the object is zero (since the accelera2on is zero) Equilibrium cont. •  Easier to work with the equa2on in terms of its components: •  This could be extended to three dimensions •  A zero net force does not mean the object is not moving, but that it is not accelera2ng Equilibrium Example – Free Body Diagrams Inclined Planes •  Choose the coordinate system with x along the incline and y perpendicular to the incline •  Replace the force of gravity with its components Mul2ple Objects – Example •  When you have more than one object, the problem- solving strategy is applied to each object •  Draw free body diagrams for each object •  Apply Ne...
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