The net moon of electrons is opposite the direcon of

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Unformatted text preview: of the average current as the ,me interval goes to zero: •  If there is a steady current, the average and instantaneous currents will be the same. •  SI unit: A Electric Current •  The direc,on of the current is the direc,on posi,ve charge would flow. –  This is known as conven1onal current direc1on. •  In a common conductor, such as copper, the current is due to the mo,on of the nega,vely charged electrons. •  It is common to refer to a moving charge as a mobile charge carrier. –  A charge carrier can be posi,ve or nega,ve. Current and Dri_ Speed •  Charged par,cles move through a conductor of cross- sec,onal area A. •  n is the number of charge carriers per...
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