Cannot give numerical factors this is its limitaon

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Unformatted text preview: 10,000 •  3.141 592 65 Structure of MaUer •  MaUer is made up of molecules –  The smallest division that is iden;fiable as a substance •  Molecules are made up of atoms –  Correspond to elements More structure of maUer •  Atoms are made up of – Nucleus, very dense, contains •  Protons, posi;vely charged, “heavy” •  Neutrons, no charge, about same mass as protons –  Protons and neutrons are made up of quarks –  Orbited by •  Electrons, nega;vely charges, “light” –  Fundamental par;cle, no structure Structure of MaUer Clicker Ques;on Dimensional Analysis •  Technique to check the correctness of an equa;on •  Dimensions (length, mass, ;me, combina;ons) can be treated as algebraic quan;;es –  Add, subtract, mul;ply, divide •  Both sides of equa;on must have the same dimensions Examples: v=v+at 0 F=ma Dimensional Analysis, cont. •  Cannot give numerical factors: this is its limita;on •  Allows a check for calcula;ons which can show up in the units Examples in Class Uncertainty in Measurements •  There is uncertainty in every measurement, this uncertainty carries over through the calcula;ons –  Need a technique to account for this uncertainty •  We will use rules for significant figures to approximate the uncertainty in results of calcula;ons Significant Figures •  A significant figure is...
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