Other systems of measurements cgs gaussian system

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Unformatted text preview: cific cylinder kept at the Interna;onal Bureau of Weights and Measures Standard Kilogram Time •  Units –  seconds, s •  The second is currently defined in terms of the oscilla;on of radia;on from a cesium atom 1 second =9,192,631,700 times the period of radiation from the cesium atom Approximate Values •  Various tables in the text show approximate values for length, mass, and ;me Note the wide range of values for Lengths, Masses and Time intervals Other Systems of Measurements •  cgs – Gaussian system –  Named for the first leUers of the units it uses for fundamental quan;;es •  US Customary –  Everyday units –  O[en uses weight, in pounds, instead of mass as a fundamental quan;ty Units in Various Systems System Length Mass SI meter kilogram cgs centimeter gram US foot slug Customary Time second second second Prefixes •  Prefixes correspond to powers of 10 •  Each prefix has a specific name •  Each prefix has a specific abbrevia;on Expressing Numbers •  Numbers with more than three digits are wriUen in groups of three digits separated by spaces –  Groups appear on both sides of the decimal point •  10 000 instead of...
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