0 m above the ground find its velocity when it

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Unformatted text preview: is conserved is to say that the numerical value of the quan-ty remains constant throughout any physical process, although the quan--es may change form •  In Conserva-on of Energy, the total mechanical energy remains constant –  In any isolated system of objects interac4ng only through conserva4ve forces, the total mechanical energy of the system remains constant. Total mechanical energy is the sum of the kine-c and poten-al energies in the system A object of mass m in rest, drops from 10.0 m above the ground. Find its velocity when it reaches the ground? Ignore the air resistance. Poten-al Energy Stored in a Spring •  The force used in stretching or compressing a spring is a conserva-ve force •  Involves the spring constant, k •  Hooke’s Law gives the force –  Fs = - k x •  Fs is the restoring force •  Fs is in...
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