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How much the spring is compressed nonconserva ve

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Unformatted text preview: block is released and the poten-al energy is transformed to kine-c energy of the block Spring force as a varying force •  Spring is slowly stretched from 0 to xmax •  •  Spring force as a varying force •  The work is also equal to the area under the curve •  In this case, the “curve” is a triangle •  A = ½ B h gives W = ½ k(xmax)2 and W = PE Work- Energy Theorem Including a Spring •  Wnc = (KEf – KEi) + (PEgf – PEgi) + (PEsf – PEsi) –  PEg is the gravita-onal poten-al energy –  PEs is the elas-c poten-al energy associated with a spring –  PE will now be used to denote the total poten-al energy of the system Conserva-on of Energy Including a Spring •  Wnc = 0 •  An extended form of conserva-on of mechanical energy can be used –  The PE of...
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