The angular displacement is dened as the angle the

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Unformatted text preview:   Analogous to the main concepts in linear mo;on The Radian •  The radian is a unit of angular measure •  The radian can be defined as the arc length s along a circle divided by the radius r •  More About Radians •  Comparing degrees and radians •  Conver;ng from degrees to radians Angular Displacement •  Axis of rota;on is the center of the disk •  Need a fixed reference line •  During ;me t, the reference line moves through angle θ •  The angle, θ, measured in radians, is the angular posi2on Rigid Body •  Every point on the object undergoes circular mo;on about the point O •  All parts of the object of the body rotate through the same angle during the same ;me •  The object is considered to be a rigid body –  This means that each part of the body is fixed in posi;on rela;ve to all other parts of the body Angular Displacement, cont. •  The angular displacement is defined as the angle the object rotates through during some ;me interval •  •  The unit of angular displacement is the radian •  Each point on the object undergoes the same angular displacement Average Angular Speed •  The average angular speed, ω, of a rota;ng rigid object is the ra;o of the angular displacement to the ;me interval Angular Speed, cont. •  The...
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