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Andrea rides on a horse at the outer rim of the

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Unformatted text preview: e limit of the average accelera9on as the 9me interval approaches zero Analogies Between Linear and Rota9onal Mo9on •  There are many parallels between the mo9on equa9ons for rota9onal mo9on and those for linear mo9on •  Every term in a given linear equa9on has a corresponding term in the analogous rota9onal equa9ons Rela9onship Between Angular and Linear Quan99es •  Displacements s = θ r •  Speeds vt = ω r •  Accelera9ons at = α r Many examples in Class •  Every point on the rota9ng object has the same angular mo9on •  Every point on the rota9ng object does not have the same linear m...
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