The instantaneous angular speed is dened as the limit

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Unformatted text preview: the object undergoes the same angular displacement Average Angular Speed •  The average angular speed, ω, of a rota9ng rigid object is the ra9o of the angular displacement to the 9me interval Angular Speed, cont. •  The instantaneous angular speed is defined as the limit of the average speed as the 9me interval approaches zero •  SI unit: radians/sec –  rad/s •  Speed will be posi9ve if θ is increasing (counterclockwise) •  Speed will be nega9ve if θ is decreasing (clockwise) •  When the angular speed is constant, the instantaneous angular speed is equal to the average angular speed Average Angular Accelera9on •  An object’s average angular accelera9on αav during 9me interval Δt is the change in its angular speed Δω divided by Δt: Angular Accelera9on, c...
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