Involve in an elasnc glancing collision the green

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Unformatted text preview: –  –  Use subscripts for idenNfying the object, iniNal and final velociNes, and components Glancing Collisions – Example •  The “aYer” velociNes have x and y components •  Momentum is conserved in the x direcNon and in the y direcNon •  Apply conservaNon of momentum separately to each direcNon Two shuffleboard disks of equal mass involve in an elasNc glancing collision. The green disk Is iniNally at rest and is struck by the red disk moving iniNally to the right at 5.00 m/s. AYer the collision, the red disk moves in a direcNon that makes an angle 37 degrees with the horizontal axis while the green disk makes an angle of 53 degrees with this axis. Determine the speed of each disk aYer the collision. From the vel...
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