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Unformatted text preview: on can also be related to the angular velocity Total Accelera-on •  The tangen-al component of the accelera-on is due to changing speed •  The centripetal component of the accelera-on is due to changing direc-on •  Total accelera-on can be found from these components Vector Nature of Angular Quan--es •  Angular displacement, velocity and accelera-on are all vector quan--es •  Direc-on can be more completely defined by using the right hand rule –  Grasp the axis of rota-on with your right hand –  Wrap your fingers in the direc-on of rota-on –  Your thumb points in the direc-on of ω Velocity Direc-ons •  In a, the disk rotates counterclockwise, the direc-on of the angular velocity is out of the page •  In b, the disk...
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