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Resisvity the resistance of an ohmic conductor is

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Unformatted text preview: constant over a wide range of voltages. •  The rela:onship between current and voltage is linear. •  The slope is related to the resistance. Ohm’s Law •  Non- ohmic materials are those whose resistance changes with voltage or current. •  The current- voltage rela:onship is nonlinear. •  A diode is a common example of a non- ohmic device. Resis:vity •  The resistance of an ohmic conductor is propor:onal to its length, L, and inversely propor:onal to its cross- sec:onal area, A. –  ρ is the constant of propor:onality and is called the resis1vity of the material. Temperature Varia:on of Resis:vity •  For most metals, resis:vity increases...
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