987 5 x 109 n m2c2 typical charges can be in the c

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Unformatted text preview: •  Charging by induc)on requires no contact with the object inducing the charge. Polariza2on •  In most neutral atoms or molecules, the center of posi2ve charge coincides with the center of nega2ve charge. •  In the presence of a charged object, these centers may separate slightly. –  This results in more posi2ve charge on one side of the molecule than on the other side •  This realignment of charge on the surface of an insulator is known as polariza)on. Examples of Polariza2on •  The charged object (on the le^) induces charge on the surface of the insulator. •  A charged comb aPracts bits of paper due to polariza2on of the paper. Coulomb’s Law •  Coulomb shows that an e...
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