The number of lines drawn leaving a posive charge or

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Unformatted text preview: e Pa8erns •  For a nega:ve source charge, the lines will point inward. Rules for Drawing Electric Field Lines •  The lines for a group of charges must begin on posi:ve charges and end on nega:ve charges. –  In the case of an excess of charge, some lines will begin or end infinitely far away. •  The number of lines drawn leaving a posi:ve charge or ending on a nega:ve charge is propor:onal to the magnitude of the charge. •  No two field lines can cross each other. Electric Field Line Pa8erns •  An electric dipole consists of two equal and opposite charges. •  The high density of lines between the charges indicates the strong electric field in this region. Electric Field Line Pa8erns •  Two equal but like point ch...
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