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Data is corrupt fiber optic cable and timer were not

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Unformatted text preview: abandon a theory 10:34 AM nutrino travelling faster than the speed of light -formulas fall apart? data is corrupt -fiber optic cable and timer were not behaving correctly. Natural science Animate objects More than physical and chemical laws (Genetics) Not Universal Based on historical narratives Induction most used method Multiple theories Single falsification not necessary to abandon a theory BIO1130 Organismal Biology 44 Université d’Ottawa / University of Ottawa Multiple theories 10:34 AM Video 1, 2 Theory: taller giraffes are better nourished and produce more offspring. Foliage at the top of acacia trees are solely able to attain this nourishment. -They were only feeding at shoulder height -Necks are actually being used as weapons Food competition Sexual competition -Both of these factors are not ruled out. 45 Université d’Ottawa / University of Ottawa BIO1130 Organismal Biology 10:34 AM Page 15 History of Biology before Darwin Changing thoughts on what living things are Physicalists – with the exception of humans all living things are machines (Descartes, 17th century) Vitalists – physical and chemical laws apply but living things have a vital force (essence) The whole is more than just the sum of the parts --> emergence no master control system-> each part reflects itself throughout whole group and this creates a complex behavior Organicists (1930) – vital force replaced by genetic program and the importance of emergence (swarm behaviour) BIO1130 Org...
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