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16 awar d 5outof 500points

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Unformatted text preview: ur car repaired, or you can spend money on advertising. If you repair your car for H hours and spend A dollars advertising, your benefit (the amount you receive when you sell your car) is Both H and A are finely divisible. Instructions: Round your answers to the nearest whole number. a. What is your marginal benefit of repair hours when H = 4 and A = 100? 212 . b. What is your marginal benefit of advertising dollars at that choice? 2. Explanation: Therefore, when H = 4, the marginal benefit of repair hours is 212. Hence, the marginal benefit of advertising is 2. 16. awar d: 5 out of 5.00 points You are considering how much to study for your microeconomics exam at the end of the week, but all you care about is your upcoming spring break trip to Florida. Fortunately, your pa...
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