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Coarse reticulonodular or nodular appearance of lungs

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Unformatted text preview: or nodular appearance of lungs. Meconium aspiration radiographic findings. perihilar opacities. Increased lung volumes. Patchy Meconium ileus features Earliest manifestation of cystic fibrosis. Thick meconium plugs can't pass through ileocecal valve. Multiple dilated loops of small intestine. Bubbly intestinal contents represent retained meconium. Often treated with water-soluble contrast enema. Meconium peritonitis Intrauterine intestinal perforation from bowel obstruction or ischemia. Extruded meconium mayh calcify. Scattered amorphous or curvilinear calcifications throughout peritoneum. Snowstorm ultrasound appearance. Meconium plug syndrome also known as small left colon syndrome of distal colon. Normal to dilated proximal colon filled with meconium. Empty distal descending colon. More common in normal large infants and infants of diabetic mothers. Often treated with rectal stimulation or saline enemas. Transient functional immaturity and abnormal peristalsis Megacystis-microcolon-hypoperistalsis (MMH) syndrome tract. Almost exclusively in girls. Insufficient abdominal muscles. Very large dysfunctional bladder. Bladder exstrophy may occur: Widened pubic symphysis. Splaying of pelvic bones. Decreased peristalsis leads to poor evacuation of colon. Disorder of smooth muscle in urinary and GI Mesenteric adenitis Self-limiting, usually viral inflammatory condition of mesenteric lymph nodes Normal appendix. Cluster of large right lower quadrant lymph nodes. MicrogastriaGI atresias. VACTERL syndrome. Polysplenia/asplenia syndromes. occurs with Middle mediastinum mass (an abnormality for each Aneurysm. Hila: Large lymph nodes (Leukemia, Lymphoma, Tuberculosis). Trachea: Bronchogenic cysts. Pericardium: Cyst Esophagus: Duplication cyst. Great vessels: organ) Midgut volvulus vascular compromise vein before artery. Superior mesenteric vessels: Most Most Most Most Most Most Common Causes of GI Tract Obstruction by Age. 0-1 month: Congenital anomalies: Atresia/stenosis, Malrotation/volvulus, Hirschsprung disease. Meconium plug/small left colon syndrome. Meconium ileus. Common Causes of GI Tract Obstruction by Age. 1-5 months: Hernias Common Causes of GI Tract Obstruction by Age. 3 years and older Perforated appendicitis. Adhesions. Regional enteritis. Common Causes of GI Tract Obstruction by Age. 5 months - 3 years Intussusception. common childhood tumors to metastasize to and Wilms tumor. order) Neuroblastoma. lymphoma. leukemia. liver (descending GI duplication cysts are asymptomatic except for those that Contain ectopic gastric or pancreatic tissue. May ulcerate or hemorrhage. Most of theHigher right lung hilum is lower than the left. but it is never time the Syndrome with multiple nonossifying fibromas along with cafe-au-lait spots Jaffe-Campanacci syndrome Necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC) and newborn infants. Thought to be infection and or ischemia of the gut. Findings: Dilated bowel loops. Pneumatosis intestinalis (air in wall of the bowel). Portal venous gas. Free air. Later may develop strictures, commonly in the colon. Treatment: Withholding feedings. Administering antibiotics. Blood transfusions. Occurs in premature Neonatal hepatitis HIDA scan results? Poor liver uptake. Neonate to Midgut volvulus. Smallvomiting 2 months with bilious bowel obstruction. Bowel atresia in newborn. Hirschsprung disease Neonate to Overfeeding Chalasia (gastroesophageal reflux). Pyloric stenosis. 2 months with nonbilious vomiting Neonates at risk for TTN or retained fetal fluid Neonates with tracheobronchial obstruction. Cesarean section delivered neonates. Nephroblastomatosis.metanephric blastema thought to be precursor of Wilms tumor. Commonly seen in neonate ki...
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