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Pneumopericardium infant mechanical ventilation

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Unformatted text preview: ical ventilation complications Presacral childhood masses teratoma. Neuroblastoma. Rhabdomyosarcoma. Sacral chordoma. Anterior sacral meningocele. Neuroenteric cyst. Sacrococcygeal Primary megaureter versus refluxing megaureter? Primary megaureter: Contracted ureterovesical junction. Refluxing megaureter: widely patent ureterovesical junction. Primary Vesicoureteral reflux (VUR) is of distal by Short. submucosal tunnel caused ureter at ureterovesical junction. Faulty valve. Prune belly (Eagle-Barrett) syndrome Almost exclusively in males. Absent or deficient abdominal musculature. Large, vertically oriented urinary bladder. Severe hydronephrosis and ureterectasis. Cryptorchidism. Urethral dysfunction leading to functional bladder obstruction. Urachal remnants. Pulmonary lymphangiectasia Rare condition. Dilated lymphatics within lung interstitium. Diffuse reticular or reticulonodular lung opacities. May cause chylothorax. May have hyperinflated lungs and pleural effusions. Pulmonary sequestration Lung tissue lacking a bronchial connection. Supplied by abnormal artery from descending aorta. Extralobar (covered by own pleura). Intralobar (covered by adjacent lung pleura). Triangular or oval-shaped mass in inferomedial lung. Left side more common. Ma become secondarily infected. Radiographic signs ofheart and ductus arteriosuspulmonary vascularity. Enlarging a patent liver. Increasing in an infant Renal/adrenal cystic masses Renal cysts. Multicystic dysplastic kidney. Adrenal hemorrhage (resolving). Hydronephrosis. Rhabdomyosarcoma features 16% arise in genitourinary system. Occur at any pediatric age group. Arise from skeletal muscle mesenchyme. Most common lower urinary tract tumor. Prostate gland in boys. Vagina in girls. Rhabdomyosarcoma routes of spread? Local: Direct invasion of adjacent viscera. Retroperitoneal lymph nodes. Remote: Lungs. Bones. Liver. Right-sided aortic arch congenital heart disease associations Truncus arteriosus. Tetralogy of Fallot. Risk factors Large babies. Obstetric trauma. Neonatal sepsis. Hypoxia. for neonatal adrenal hemorrhage. Sacrococcygeal teratoma Often large. May extend externally from region of coccyx. Usually deforms sacrococcyx. Frequently contains calcifications (tooth). Seventy percent of abdominal and pelvic masses in neonates originate in what organs? Genitourinary tract. Urinary masses: Hydronephrosis (UPJ and UVJ obstruction and reflux). Multicystic kidneys. Genital masses: Hydrometrocolpos. Ovarian cysts. Signs of increased pulmonary arterialEqualization of vessel size between upper and lower lungs on erect film. Enlarged central vessels. flow include: Sinding-Larsen-Johansson syndrome patella at tendon insertion. Results from persistent traction at cartilaginous junction of developing inferior patella. Usually occurs preteen or teen-age boys. Similar to Osgood-Schlatter disease (occurs at developing tibial tuberosity at tendon insertion). Osteochondrosis of inferior Single large kidneyRenal vein thrombosis. Pyelonephritis. Abscess. Hematoma. Obstruction or reflux. Tumor. causes Single small kidney causes Congenital hypoplastic kidney (renal artery stenosis). Postinfectious nephropathy. Reflux. Visceral situs inversus Reversed viscera. Stomach on right. Liver on left. Situs solitusNormal position of viscera. Sources of Diffusely Hazy orvolumes: Poor inspiration. Hyaline membrane disease. Normal to increased lung volumes: Retained fluid. Aspiration (amniotic fluid/meconium). Pneumonia. Pulmonary edema. Pulmonary lymphangiectasia Decreased lung Reticular Lungs in the Neonate Sources of Multiple childhood Patchy Lung OpacitiesFungal. Opportunistic organisms. Aspiration....
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