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Scoliosis with concavity to the right splinting

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Unformatted text preview: ing). Terminal ileum haslymphoid tissue of Peyer'schildren due to Normal a nodular appearance in patches. Thymus may 4-5seen in some children up to the age of be years Umbilical arterial line tip may be ataorta). T8 above the diaphragm L4-5 (bifurcation of the Fat babies Diabetic mothers. are seen in To make diagnosis of hyalinethe edge of the lungs.you must see granular opacities where? All the way out to membrane disease, TORCHS infections Toxoplasmosis. Rubella. Cytomegalic inclusion disease. Herpes. Syphilis Total anomalous pulmonary venousblood to right side of the heart via: RA. Coronary sinus. Systemic vein. Type 1 anomaly is the snowman heart: . Large, inverted U-shaped vessel empties into superior vena cava. Pulmonary veinsreturn return (TAPVR) Two common causes of nonbilious infantile vomiting GER. Hypertrophic pyloric stenosis. Two large kidneys DDx: Polycystic disease. Hydronephrosis (Neurogenic bladder. Posterior urethral valves). Leukemia. Lymphoma. Sickle cell disease. Glycogen storage disease. Amyloidosis. Bilateral Wilms' tumor. Acute glomerulonephritis. Acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS). Two of the Prematurity. Maternal diabetes. more common underlying etiological factors predisposing to hyaline membrane disease. Two small kidneysnephropathy. Postinfectious nephropathy. Reflux DDx: Ultrasound Noncompressible appendix greater than 6mm in width. Blood flow may be increased. findings of appendicitis? Upper and lower pole moiety bladder insertions of duplicating collecting system ureterocele. Lower pole inserts at normal location but often refluxes. Upper pole ectopically inserts below normal insertion and may form Urachal anomalies Asymptomatic vesicourachal diverticula (obliterated of urachus ends). Urachal sinus, patent urachus extending from urinary bladder to umbilicus. Ureterocele Saccular dilated segment of distal ureter. Invaginates into bladder lumen. May cause urinary obstruction. VascularityVascular congestion due to congestive heart failure or over-circulation(left-to-right shunts).conditions of a newborn becomes much easier to see in the lateral two-thirds of the lung under what Vertebra plana causes MELTS. Metastasis. Myeloma (rare in children). Ewing’s sarcoma. LCH. Leukemia. Lymphoma. Trauma. Tuberculous osteomyelitis. Steroid use. VUR grading system reflux of ureter (low dose antibiotics). Grade II: reflux of ureter. pelvis. calyces (low dose antibiotics). Grade III: reflux of collecting system with mild dilation (low dose antibiotics). Grade IV: reflux of collecting system with moderate dilation (surgery). Grade V: reflux of collecting system with severe dilation (surgery). Grade I: and treatment WAGR syndrome tumor. Aniridia. Genitourinary abnormalities. Mental retardation. Wilms What causes ductus bump in a neonate and when does ispulmonary artery, and ductus arteriosus. Disappears usually by day 3 of life. Superimposition of main pulmonary artery, left disappear? When should repeat film in suspected round pneumonia be obtained to ensure resolution? 15 days Most commonuodenal of 3rd and 4th portion duodenal obstructions.or obstructing peritoneal band. D causes diaphragm. Malrotation with midgut volvulus Wilm's tumor features? Intrarenal tumor. Peak incidence between 2 and 5 years. Hematuria 20%. Uncommonly calcify. Wolman disease lipidosis. Enlarged, densely calcified adrenal glands. Usually fatal at an early age. Rare...
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