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Ultrasound Flash Cards

Granulomatous within the spleen the age of 1st day of

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Unformatted text preview: sis. Tuberculosis. Granulomatous within the spleen? The age of 1st day of LMP/ pregnancy definition? When is the earliest, onsac 5 wks. Yolk sac 5.5 wks. Embryo 6 and embryo can be seen? Gestational TV US, that gestational sac, yolk sac, wks. What structure, if seen, can confirm a IUP even before the embryo is identified? Yolk sac. What is better at estimating gestational age than LMP?trimester biparietal diameter (+/- 1 wk) LMP (+/- 2 wks) 1st trimester CRL (crown rump length). 2nd Normal gestational positioning within uterus. Double decidual sac DDS. Continuous hyperechoic rim > 2mm. Spherical or ovoid shape. Growth of > 1.2 mm/day. Correct sac characteristics on US? 2 hyperechoic lines surrounding a sign DDS, Double decidual hypoechoic closed endometrial canal? How does seeing a DDS help insuggestive of US? Its absence is more 1st trimester miscarriage or ectopic pregnancy. Does not exclude IUP. At what CRL is heart activity expected? 5 mm. By 5 wks the 120. > embryonic heart rate should be? After 3 wks 120 embryonic heart rate should be? the - 180 At what Beta-hCG level should an intra-uterine gestation sack be seen on TV US? 2000 IU/L In early pregnancy the Beta-hCG level should double how often? Every 2 days. Differential IUP. Miscarriage. Ectopic pregnancy. diagnosis of positive pregnancy test? Risk factors for ectopic pregnancy? Previous ectopic pregnancy. IUD. Fertility medication. In-vitro fertilization. Abnormal fallopian tubes. Beta-hCG level in an ectopic pregnancy patients increases slower or faster than an IUP? Slower. Where can Cornua. Cervix. an ectopic pregnancy occur within the uterus? Define an heterotopic pregnancy? and extrauterine pregnancy. Concomitant intrauterine What is a pseudogestational sac? Collection of fluid or decidual cast within endometrial canal or thickened endometrium in an ectopic pregnancy. With a positive pregnancyin ectopic position Adnexal mass with yolk sac or value for Tubal ring appearing as an empty gestation sac. Com...
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