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Horseshoe urinary predispositions formation rrenal

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Unformatted text preview: ) of renal artery? Horseshoe Urinary predispositions? formation. Rrenal trauma. Questionable increase risk of Wilm's tumor. kidney obstruction. Stone Upper limit 180-200 cm/s. artery velocity? of normal renal Bile duct blood supply? Hepatic artery. In liver transplant hepatic artery thrombosis bile ducts may form strictures due to ischemia. Common factorsmetastases. pancreatic cancers nonresectable? Lver that render Peripancreatic vessel invasion. Peritoneal spread. Ultrasound Blunt tendon tip (longitudinal view). Mass (transverse view). Refractive shadowing. Nonvisualization. Loss of fibrillar architecture. Fluid collection. signs of complete tendon rupture? Sonographic signs of or hypoechoic rotator cuff tear? Anechoic full-thickness defect. Focal superficial contour abnormality. Compressibility. Nonvisualization. Characteristics of pseudoaneurysmsSingle of multiple loculations. Visible pulsations on gray-scale imaging. Internal luminal flow on color Doppler. To and fro flow in the neck. Complex fluid collection. on ultrasound? Characteristics of iatrogenic arteriovenousartery bifurcation. Perivascular tissue vibration. Low-resistance flow in supplying artery near fistula. High-velocity flow at site of communication. Turbulent and/or arterialized flow in draining vein near fistula. Usually located below femoral fistulas at ultrasound? Extremity artery waveform? flow. Typically triphasic waveform: Antegrade systole, retrograde early diastole, antegrade in mid diastole, absent flow in end diastole. High-resistance Extremity venous waveform? Respiratory phasicity. Variable cardiac related pulsatility. Factors that decrease chance of scrotal malignancy? appearance. No detectable vascularity. Extratesticular. Nonpalpable. Simple cystic Factors that increase chance of scrotal malignancy? cyst. Detectable internal vascularity. Intratesticular. Palpable. Solid or complex Germ cell tumor list? Embryonal cell carcinoma. Teratoma. Choriocarcinoma. Yolk sac. Mixed germ cell. Seminoma. Stromal...
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