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Leydig cell tumor sertoli cell tumor other non germ

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Unformatted text preview: testicular tumors? Leydig cell tumor. Sertoli cell tumor. Other non-germ cell and non-stromal testicular Epidermoid cyst. Lymphyoma/leukemia. Metastases. neoplasms? Testicular lesions orchitis. Focal atrophy/fibrosis. Infarcts. Abscess. Hematoma. Contusion. Sarcoid. Tuberculosis. Adrenal rest tissue. Focal mimicking tumors? Causes of enlarged Torsion. Lymphoma. Seminoma. Orchitis. hypoechoic testis? Of the four causes of enlarged hypoechoic testes, which have increased/decreased blood flow? Increased flow: Orchitis. Lymphoma. Seminoma. Decreased (torsion). Primary neoplasms of the bladder? SCC. Pheochromocytoma. TCC. Adenocarcinoma. Causes of bladder wall lesions from adjacent neoplasms? Rectum. Prostate. Cervix. Uterus. Causes of bladder wall lesions from inflammation from adjacent organs? Diverticulitis. Crohn's disease. PID. Appendicitis. Other bladder wall lesions? Ureteroceles. Urachal cyst. Cystitis cystica. Endometriomas. Fistulas. Malakoplakia. Leukoplakia. Tuberculosis. Shistosomiasis. Frequency of prostate zone 75%. Transitional zone?20%. Central zone 5% Peripheral cancer per anatomical zone PercentageHypoechoic cancers that are hypoechoic? of prostate 70%. Hyperechoic/mixed 30%. Sonographic characteristics of seminoma? Homogeneous and hypoechoic. Most common scrotal mass? Spermatocele. Causes of hydroceles? Idiopathic (most common). Tumors. Torsion. Inflammatory disorders. Trauma. Varicocele percentage on the left? Left-sided 85%. Right-sided 15%. Scrotal mass with peripheral calcification and/or onion peel appearance? Epidermoid cyst. Testicular microlithiasis and germincreases risk of germ cell cancer. Annual physical exam recommended. Isolated microlithiasis cell tumor relevance? Besides absent blood flow, other testis. of testicular torsion? hydrocele. Scrotal wall thickening. Enlarged hypoechoic signs Torsion knot. Reactive Distinguishing characteristic of blood clot from bladder cancer on ultrasound? Blood clot is mobile. After injection of vasoactive substance, normal penile Doppler should have a deep cavernosal velo...
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