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Moderate amount of intraperitoneal fluid gestation

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Unformatted text preview: plex or solid adnexal mass. Moderate amount of intraperitoneal fluid. Gestation sac test, give 5 findings that have positive predictive embryo. ectopic pregnancy? Common causes of bowelInfection. Neoplasm. Ischemia. Edema. Hemorrhage. Inflammation. wall thickening? Sonographic signs of greater than 6 mm. Lack of compressibility. Inflamed, echogenic periappendiceal fat. Hyperemia. Appendicolith. Adjacent fluid collection. Diameter appendicitis? Causes of peritoneal masses? Metastases. Tuberculosis. Mesothelioma. Pseudomyxoma peritonei. Omental infarct. Causes of abdominal wall masses? Metastases. Lipoma. Hernia. Hematoma. Abscess. Seroma. Desmoid. Endometriosis. Sarcoma. Lymphoma. Features of95% infrarenal. Majority are fusiform. Mural thrombus common with large aneurysm. Surgery considered when >5 cm. AP diameter measured on sagittal images. Transverse diameter measured on coronal images. Abdominal Aortic Aneurysms? Common causes of adrenal masses? Adenoma. Metastases. Pheochromocytomas. Primary carcinoma. Lymphoma. Myelolipoma. Hemorrhage. Pseudokidney sign? mesenteric adenopathy. Extensive Distinguishing feature of tumor thrombus vascularity. clot? Tumor thrombus has internal from blood Ultrasound Myelolipomas.characterizing most adrenal masses, except for? is not good at Benign characteristics of thyroid nodules? Cystic elements. Hyper or isoechoic. Eggshell calcification. Inspissated colloid. Malignant characteristics Hypoechoic. Microcalcifications. Associated cervical adenopathy. Entirely solid. of thyroid nodules? Characteristics of Hypoechoic. adenomas on ultrasound? Posterior to thyroid. Medial to carotid. Solid. parathyroid Oval shape. Hypervascular. Locations of ectopic parathyroid adenomas? Low neck. Mediastinum. Retrotracheal/retroesophageal. Carotid sheath. Intrathryoidal. Characteristics of Neoplastic Neck Lymph Nodes? Obliteration of echogenic hilum. Long-axis to short-axis ration less than 1.5. Cystic changes. Microcalcifications. DifferencesICA: La...
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