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Ultrasound Flash Cards

No branches low resistance wavefore negative temporal

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Unformatted text preview: rger. Posterolateral location. No branches. Low resistance wavefore. Negative temporal tap. ECA: Smaller. Anteriomedial location. Branches. High resistance waveform. Positive temoral tap. between ICA and ECA? ICA peak systolic velocities and associated stenoses? 125-230 cm/s. >70% stenosis >230 cm/s. Near occlusion variable. Complete occlusion no flow. Normal less than 125cm/s. 50-69% stenosis Midline complex lesions that are usually intimately associated with the hyoid bone? Thyroglossal duct cyst. Most common cause of adenoma. Parathyroid hyperparathyroidism? Carotid artery flow velocities and ratios start to increase at what stenotic level? >50% stenosis. Sonographic characteristics of unstablefocal hypoechoic regions. Heterogenous plaques with carotid artery plaques? Causes of polyhydramnios? Idiopathic. Maternal (diabetes). Fetal (Anomalies, Hydrops). Findings in Absence of normal calvarium and brain above orbits. Residual dysmorphic brain may be seen, called angiomatous stroma. anencephaly Moderate to marked Fetal hydrops. is often associated with what fetal anomalies? CNS. GI. polyhydramnios Fetal head Within 1.2 weeks up to 24 HC) are Accuracy for gestational agetrimester. measurements (BPD and weeks. accurate decreases in third until when? Fetal lateral ventrical evaluation and measurement?10 mm. Choroid plexus occupying 60%. Small or dangling choroid plexus may indicate ventriculomegaly. Measured at atria. Less than or equal to RegardlessThin cortical mantle. Hydrancephaly may mimic this but instead is destroyed brain. of hydrocephaly severity there is always a… Holoprosencephalydevelopmental anomaly, three forms (alobar, semilobar, lobar). Midline Relatively common anterior region. Ethmoidal sinus cephalocele Banana shaped cerebellum? with downward displacement of cerebellum. Neural tube defect Enlarged cisterna magna with splaying of cerebellar hemispheres and a vermian defect? Dandy-Walker abnormality. A nuchal fold mm. 6 measurement above _____ is a marker for trisomy 21? Choroid plexus cystor other chr...
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