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Ultrasound Flash Cards

Normal possibilities secondary lemon sign least

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Unformatted text preview: omosomal abnormalities such as trisomy 18. Normal possibilities? Secondary Lemon sign (least specific). Banana with spinal defects? abnormalities of the skull that occur sign. Hydrocephalus. Large aortaTetralogy of Fallot. Truncus arteriosus. in fetal ultrasound? Small aortaCoarctation. Hypoplastic left heart. in fetal ultrasound? Small pulmonary artery right heart. Ebstein's anomaly with pulmonary hypoplasia. Hypoplastic in fetal ultrasound? Fetal hydrops generalities Immune and nonimmune causes. Excessive fetal body water. Fluid in serous cavities, skin thickening, placental enlargement, polyhydramnios. Fetal pericardial effusions are normal if isolated and measure less than ____? 2 mm in thickness. Fetal cystic Bochdalek congenital diaphragmatic hernias. Type I and II cystic adenomatoid malformations. Bronchogenic cysts. Duplication cysts. Pulmonary sequestration. thoracic masses Fetal solid thoracic masses Morgagni and some Bochdalek congenital diaphragmatic hernias. type III CAMs. Bronchopulmonary sequestration. Most common fetal intrathoracic, extracardiac abnormality CDH, Left-sided posterolateral hernia (Bochdalek). Enlarged hyperechoic atresia. Laryngeal fetal lungs, a finding for this rare entity Most common causeandenlarged fetal liver? Hydrops of infections. Most common cause of small fetal liver? Growth restriction Fetal pseudoascites? band in upper abdomen Hypoechoic Umbilical vein varixoutcome or fetal hydrops. Structural abnormalities. Aneuploidy. Intrauterine demise. Normal implications? Fetal meconium ileus? thick meconium within terminal ileum. Proximal bowel dilation may not occur until 3rd trimester. Causes: Mechanical intestinal obstruction. Cystic fibrosis. Impaction of Fetal meconium peritonitis calcifications. Meconium pseudocysts. Bowel dilation. Ascites. Polydyramnios. Intraperitoneal findings Hyperechoic fetal bowel greater than bone brightness it may be abnormal. Associations: Cystic fibrosis. Chromosomal abnormalities. Growth restriction. Swallowed blood. Perinatal death. If equal to or Most common fetal anterio...
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