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Ultrasound Flash Cards

Renal medullary carcinoma when do hematomas and

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Unformatted text preview: sm? Renal medullary carcinoma. When do hematomas and lymphoceles appear in renal transplant 1 to 2 months posttransplant Hematoma: Immediately after transplant Lymphocele: patients? Most common cause of calcified liver tumor? Metastases. Morton neuroma? mass of plantar digital nerves of the foot. Benign Which side Left. is subclavian steal more common on? What is normal portal vein velocity? 20 cm/s. Pancreatic neoplasm almost exclusively seen in women? Macrocystic neoplasm. RCC stage At least IIIa invades renal vein or IVC? when tumor 2 common liver locations for focal lobe adjacent to ligamentum teres. Preportal. Anterior left fatty infiltration? Resistive index (RI) formula? RI = (S-D)/S Parenchymal 0.7 < organ normal resistive index (RI)? Midline prostate cysts? Mullerian cyst. Utricle cyst. What replaced artery left hepatic artery. Replaced can be seen coursing through the ligamentum venosum? Mucinous macrocystic pancreatic neoplasm, common locations? Body and tail of pancreas. Distinguish Classic: >classic and limitedview. Limited: less than 5 on 1 view. between 5 microliths on 1 microlithiasis of testis? MultilocularYoung nephroma, population? cystic boys (3 months - 4 years). Adult women (>30 years old). 2 most common masses in the hand? Ganglion cyst. Giant cell tumor. Does a giant cell arrisedmove withtendon sheath not the tendon. No, it tumor from the the associated tendon? TCC, most common> renal pelvis > ureter. Bladder anatomy involved? Pheochromocytoma's 10% rule? extra-adrenal. 10% bilateral. 10% associated with MEN. 10% malignant. 10% Vascular pattern of FNH pattern. Spokewheel at ultrasound? Most definitive means of scanning. FNH? Sulfur colloid diagnosing Chronic calcific pancreatitis is caused by? Alcoholic abuse, not gallstones. Focal fatty sparing within the liver commonly bifurcation. Around the gallbladder. At portal occurs where? What is Page kidney? Renal subcapsular hematoma causing hypertension. Effect of renal vein to increased RI. Normal thrombosis on resistive index (RI...
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