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Abnormal bowing or demineralization skeletal

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Unformatted text preview: Osteogenesis imperfecta fetal US findings? abnormal bowing) or demineralization. Skeletal deformities (fractures and Achondrogenesis fetal US major limbs (micromelic pattern). Varying degrees of demineralization and chest narrowing. Severe shortening of finding? Thanatophoric dysplasia brightness. Severe limb shortening and chest narrowing. Pronounced polyhydramnios. Normal bone fetal US findings? Amniotic band syndrome at fetalare asymmetric and atypical in appearance compared to skeletal dysplasias. Skeletal deformities US? Subchorionic versus retroplacental hemorrhages, prognosis? Uncomplicated subchorionic hemorrhages are usually benign. Retroplacental hemorrhages can cause considerable fetal and, infrequently, maternal problems. Placenta previa classification? Low-lying (near). Marginal (touching). Complete (covering cervical os). Vasa previa? Presence of fetal (not placental) blood vessels that cross the internal cervical os (marginal or velamentous cord insertions or with succenturiate lobes). Cervical incompetence of endocervical length to less than 2.5 cm, with or without cervical funneling. Shortening US findings? Complete (classic) hydatidiformLocally invasive (13%). Metastatic (choriocarcinoma 2%). Enlarged uterus filled with hyperechoic tissue (multiple cysts). No fetus present. Noninvasive (85%). mole features?...
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