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Enlarged sinuses enlarged sella turcica prognathic

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Unformatted text preview: thickening. Enlarged sinuses. Enlarged sella turcica. Prognathic jaw. Hypertrophied distal phalanx tufts (spade appearance). T hyroid acropachy features? Periostitis of metacarpals and phalanges, particularly ulnar aspect of fifth metacarpal. Occurs in hyperthyroid patients post-thyroidectomy. Differential (Regular Sex Diffuse Occasional PerversionsBones)? Diagnosis of Makes Bony Sclerosis (Dense Much More Pleasurable And Fantastic). Renal osteodystrophy. Sickle cell disease. Myelofibrosis. Osteopetrosis. Pyknodysostosis. Metastatic carcinoma. Mastocytosis. Paget disease. Athletes. Fluorosis. Renal osteodystrophy bony features? Osteopenia. 10% to 20% exhibit osteosclerosis. Sickle cell disease features? Osteosclerosis. Bone infarcts. Step-off deformities (H-shape) of vertebral body endplates. Myelofibrosis Progressive fibrosis of bone marrow in patients older than 50. Anemia. Splenomegaly. Extramedullary hematopoiesis. Osteopetrosis features? Extremely dense bones. Bone-in-bone appearance of vertebral bodies. Sandwich vertebrae, densely sclerotic endplates. Pyknodysostosis features? of dense bones. Pathognomonic acroosteolysis with sclerosis (pointed chalk distal phalanges). Congenital cause What metastases can causeBreast cancer. Prostate cancer. diffuse osteosclerosis? Features ofBony enlargement. thickened ileopectineal line. 3 distinct phases (lytic, sclerotic, mixed lytic-sclerotic,). Flame-shaped or blade-of-grass leading edge. Starts at end of a bone (except tibia). Paget's disease? Parsonage-Turner syndrome edema corresponding to a particular nerve. Suprascapular nerve: Supraspinatus, Infraspinatus. Axillary nerve: Teres minor, Deltoid. Acute pain followed by weakness. Associations: Vaccinations, Viral illness, General anesthesia. Neurogenic muscle Tenosynovitis in tendon sheath with normal underlying tendon. Fluid Tendonitis Partial tendon tear. Focal or fusiform swelling of tendon with internal bright T2 signal. Thinning of tendon is a more severe form. T endinosis Intermediate, not fluid bright, signal within a tendon. Represents myxoid degeneration. Can tenosynovitis occurtendonAchille's sheath. No, Achille's in the lacks a tendon Posterior tibial tendonSecond and third cuneiforms. Bases of second to fourth metatarsals. Navicular. inserts onto Posterior tibial tendonitis and rupture are commonly encountered in patients with Rheumatoid arthritis. Spring ligament just deep to PTT. Goes underneath neck of talus. Helps support talus and arch. When PTT tears stress is placed on spring ligament. Runs Superior retinaculum structure that binds peroneus longus and brevis tendons to posterior distal fibula. Thin fibrous Split tear of peroneus brevis or divided peroneus brevis tendon dista...
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